Circuit board shape

I recently purchased: 2 sided FR1 circuit board stock 2 in × 3 in (25 pack)
If I dont require the whole board to make my circuit can Carvey trim the board to my needed size?

It should be able to without any problems.

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What program are you creating your boards in?

Honestly I know nothing about them, my plan is to use to help design, build on a breadboard, then figure out how to build it into the circuit board. perhaps I am wrong in my plan,…we will learn!

Never used fritzing, but I can tell you if you teach yourself eagle (there are plenty of tutorials on youtube) you can go to the dimensions layer and make a outline shape of anything you want and your machine will cut that shape.


Angus, You can use Eagle or Kicad to do the schematic design and then layout the board. Once complete export it to a gerber file(s).
The gerber can then be imported into flatcam to create the gcode, the gcode can be sent to the x-carve using Universal Gcode Sender (or probably the new gcode feature of easel).

@AngusMcleod well, that’s EXACTLY what eagle is for.