Circuit diagram needed for original X-Carve Uno&GShield v5b

i’m completing the construction of a case for my (over one year old) X-Carve 500mm. it uses the Uno & GShield V5b. although i took some pics of the wiring to the frame, i totally forgot to keep track of the limit switch wires and how they hooked up to the GShield’s (and therefore the UNO’s) D8 through D13 pins.
it’s been so long since i’ve been on the site, it looks like my x-carve is almost obsolete!!! I DO plan to upgrade, but for now, i just want to get the ole fella, back up & running. I can read a Schematic if that’s all that’s out there. if someone could help, i’d really appreciate it! (and here i am with a brand new (old) z-probe ready to install! (that goes on a pin directly on the Uno if i’m not mistaken)
Russ from Coral Springs, Fl, USA

The signals from the Arduino are just passed straight through the gShield. You can use the following hook-up information to get your switches wired back up.

link to configuration

you can still use the assembly instructions located here

Excellent - storing this away in a safe (and easily-remembered) place.
thanks so much Larry,
Russ from Coral Springs, Fl, USA

NOW i remember this!!! perfect.
thanks Kenneth
Russ from Coral Springs, Fl usa