Circular Materials

The selection of materials is fine but they’re limited to square or rectangular dimensions. Will it ever be possible to have the option to choose a circular dimension?

I realize that it’s not necessarily critical and simply using the diameters of the circular object as the length and width for the rectangle/square works fine. However, the homing can get a little tricky. It’s difficult to measure the bottom left hand corner of the material if it’s circular.

To get around this, I simply position the bit in the exact center of the circular material and then move the position to the bottom left hand corner by both the x and y direction equal to the diameter in that coordinate plane. This seems to work, but it would be much easier if the homing could be done in the center of the material rather than bottom left hand corner.

I typically use only circular materials so this was a bit of learning curve in the beginning that could have been made easier had the homing position been in the center.

If I’m not mistaken, there is an option to center home your Easel project. If not that, consider getting a square and either drawing two homing lines in sharpie or laying down painters tape.

You can also center your cut at 0,0 and place the home position in the center of your circle. Have you tried that?