Clamping Creatively

Does anyone know a method for leaving the ends of a 3D carve attached to the original block so that the block could be turned over to carve the other half supported by the ends?

This sort of thing is standard with more complex software like Vectric V-carve.

For 2 sided machining, usually you use stock larger than the finished piece and sometimes use tabs to keep the piece connected to what remains of the stock after the work has finished. Cutting index holes is also a good idea so that when the piece is flipped over, the stock will be exactly where is should be to carve the other side.

Typically it is also important that your stock be a precise thickness.

Usually those would be modeled in.
What software are you designing the model in?

My “quick” workflow in Easel could be something like this, similar to Harrys suggestion:

  • Make the design, add two center-aligned holes above and below final design (for instance 1/4" holes)
  • Duplicate the design and keep only the holes, carve these into the spoil board or a 2nd layer of spoil board
  • Without changing the work zero, now carve the design first side + holes
  • Flip work piece over for 2nd side, using the two holes as alignment pins

Alignment pins - a great idea Thanks