Clarification on what file formats can be imported into Easel

Hi everyone, I am trying to write up some instructions for our Makerspace users and want to know which file types they can import into Easel. My dialog box shows you can import SVG, G-code, Image trace and DXF Format.

Okay so I want to know what type of files can I use the image trace on?
In the tutorial titled[ Walktrough Tutorial: Image Trace](:
it says “The Image Trace tool can only accept JPG, SVG, and PNG file types.” So I am confused first of all as to why you would use image trace on an SVG file and then I have also found that I can import jpg, png, bmp,tiff and gif into image trace. So I am confused by your instructions and just wanted to be clear before I tell my users what they can and can’t do with easel. I look forward to comments on this topic. Thanks for everything.

SVGs are vector based but they support paths and fills. Thus you might have an SVG image that has colored areas (not just borders) and you want to create paths around the filled areas, That’s why you would want to image trace an SVG. You could of course also do that conversion using packages such as Correl or InkScape, but it’s nice to have for completeness’s sake.

Even so, about half of the time what you would swear was just a path on your SVG turns out to be a very thin closed area. When you import the SVG or do the trace you wind up with two paths really close to one another. You must then delete one of the paths or Easel will want to carve both.

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Thanks for your thoughtful response. I think I understand what you are saying, but am going to try some examples for myself. I’m still not sure what to tell people about the trace function. Am I correct to say that any file can be imported and traced? Or should I limit it to JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF. Are there other file types?

question if i save a picture and save it as ( all ) in files does that cover jpg, and svg?

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Theres a file type associated with the photo. Likely a .jpg, png, or bmp. These would need to be image traced and wouldn’t be the same as a .svg file.