Clean out bottom of board

I am not sure if these pics do this justice. I tried my first 3d type cut. I used a 1/8th upcut bit and the 60 degree for the detail.
I have a lot to learn but what I am concerned about on this one is that it did not clean out the bottom of the cut out. It is very ruff and I do not see a good way to sand this smooth. Is this common or what can I do different?

Any help is appreciated
Thank you

It looks like your Z axis is loose (not consistent).
Also a 1/4" bit would have been better for the clean up.

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Thank you I will look at that. I do not have the 1/4 bit. I may not have had the bit all the way onto the router. I did notice it kinda bend.

Also run your roughing pass in the same direction as the grain. That will help after you fix your other issues noted above.