Cleaning and maintenance of X-Carve

For those with more experience what do you usually do ? How do you clean the X-Carve? What kind of maintenance do you perform?

I have been testing my X-Carve for a couple of weeks and I can see the belts and v-wheels don’t get totally cleaned up with the vacuum cleaner after working with some wood and plywood.

Vacuum with brush attachment to clean the big surfaces and rails and then a wipe down with a microfiber cloth to get rid of the fine dust.

Don’t be tempted to use any cleaning fluid etc. I’m sure it would be fine but you are never sure if any residue would affect V wheels, belts etc.

Well, that’s how I do it. :smile:



After vacuuming and wiping all the rails with a clean cloth I have been using the PTFE dry spray lubricant on the vwheels, Z axis rod and pretty much anything else that moves.

The hardest part to keep clean is the grove in top vwheels of the Y axis, I have been using a toothpick to clean the compacted dust that accumulates there.

You can find wheel covers with rail wipers here.

They are expensive and I’m not sure how you would mount them. I am thinking of getting just one and making copies. This would be easy peasy for folks that also have a 3D printer. I would machine them on my big CNC mill.


Wow, they are really proud of those wheel covers! The tooth picks are much less expensive.

Thanks! @AllenMassey, @DavidSohlstrom, @IanWatkins and @Morganegabone9 for your comments!