Cleaning up a file to carve

Hi everyone. I’m new to the community but would like to see if anyone can help me clean up a file I’m working on. It’s for my son’s police department. I converted it to SVG using Inkster but when I carve it the circles and letters aren’t straight. When I zoom in on it using Easel, I can see the imperfections. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I typically find a font close to it in the easel library and reset it when I have imperfections.

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Here is a super fast image trace done in Inkscape - no cleaning.
The smaller text dont convert easily and for precise result do what Steve suggest and replace it with dedicated text objects :slight_smile:

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For dark stain / light wood I also suggest you shoot a couple of clear first after the carve, and then shoot dark. The clear coat will reduce color bleed into the wood, making a cleaner border.

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Thank you for the tip!

I used HaldorLonningdal easel file and fixed the small type and ALAMEDE POLICE, everything else looked good. Good luck with your carve


Awesome! Thank you so much.