Clearing the draw area

There is this annoying box that has Cut and Shape with a slide bar, you all know the one I am talking about.
It serves a very important function and I do not wish to lose it but, there is that but, I would like to be able to reposition it so that it does not cover what I am working on. PITA it is.
I have tried key combos, dragging etc but it will not move.
Can this be done please. Many times what I am working on has detail under it and that makes it difficult to work. I know I can slide the work from under it but that slides it out of view the other way, not a solution.
Just a request.

Use the slider to adjust the window size. By sliding to the right, you can expand your view of the working area at the cost of having a smaller view of the 3D modeled product. The box with sliders will move with the partition.

that tool should be placed on the tool bar and you can select which tool you need in this way the hole work area is there

That works but does not solve the problem. Being able to place it out of my way I still have full size areas.