Clearing up the XCarve for Sale Post?

Most of the Post are old and no longer available, is there a way to clean it up and remove sold and inactive post ?? who’s responcibility is it ??

Food for thought - Inventables ------

Delete all machine sales posts after 3 months. It would be ok if someone wanted to repost for another 3 months. This would eliminate abandon posts.

Vendors like Charley would be exempt.

To make it official the policy could be put in the terms of use portion of the web site.

What about that?

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Sounds like a Great Start, although I honestly never seen a Machine last 3 months for sale :slight_smile: :slight_smile: just curious ?? who’s Charley ??

respectfully Lawrence Kelley

Any time period could be used.

he’s been around a long time. here is one of his early posts.

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I of course will abide by what ever policies Inventables lays out for us. The only problem I personally have with having my posts that deal with the Triquetra Touch Plate being removed is that they show a track record and a ton of user comments. I have a zero dollar advertising budget. I depend strictly on word of mouth. I have no doubt that one of the factors that many of my customers considered before making a purchase from me was the comments they read online here about the quality of my Touch Plates, customer service, speed of delivery and honesty. When a prospective customer sees a thread that has many thousands of views and comments, it gives them something to read through and gauge for themselves if the product is worth of their hard earned $$. In a manner of speaking, they are a unfiltered window into the integrity, reputation and soul of who I am and what I am offering. It gives the buyer some peace of mind.

That’s my 2 cents worth on the subject.



That’s why I specifically called out for exceptions for people in your situation.

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@LarryM Yes Sir, I saw that and I appreciate it. I just wanted to offer my opinion on why I don’t really want to have my stuff removed. I believe I can speak for others with similar situations as well but will certainly leave that up to them.

I also agree with you that there are a lot of 1 off items for sale that have long since been sold and are just cluttering up the For Sale section making it difficult for people to see what is actually out there and available.

I may be wrong but it seems to me that once your posting has been on the forum for a certain number of days you don’t have the ability to remove it yourself. Not sure how you would go about that. If it could be done by the original poster then I would gladly remove some of mine. Those that should be a temporary posted such as a Labor Day Sale, etc and that no longer apply would be good candidates for removal.

Yes. I don’t know the specific times but you do lose control over editing and deletion.

If the period has passed I just flag my own post and in the comments section I request the post to be deleted, usually due to out date material.

Glowforge forum has an auto thread lock feature.

And they use the same forum system.

I think there might be some value into implementing that…

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Sounds like were on the right track, Never posted here, but read the post often, it would be a good feature to be able to remove your post, especially items for sale.

Hi @LawrenceKelley! Jessie here from Inventables. We’re actually working to slowly clean up posts on the forum, so I appreciate you’re input on these particular threads! I agree with @LarryM that having a time limit on some of these “For Sale” posts would be helpful, and we’ll be doing that. I can always reopen a thread and/or the seller can start a new one. Thanks again, everyone!


I see there are still very old post for Machines for sale, I though cleaning up would be something simple, guess I was wrong.

Hi @LawrenceKelley - At this time we have all new posts set to close after 3 months. When an old post is opened up and no one responds, I then close them. That’s how it’s working for now. Thanks for your concern!