Cleveland Browns Toilet carve

Figured being from Pittsburgh, it was only right to honor the 0-16 best way I know

Dog was 60 degree v bit with flat tip (didn’t wanna ruin my good one
10 plunge

For block letters
2flute upcut
10 plunge

I got a ton of fuzzies I had to sand



hehehe :smiley:

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I’m gonna hang it on the wall. I attempted to lay it flat but had to sacrifice the seat part because it wouldn’t lay flat and also it was a curved top so outside letters I had to rerun the depth deeper

I didn’t know there was a Steelers fan that could use a computer.
(I’m from Cleveland)

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Hahhaa liked that! Yeah my buddy is from Cleveland and I like to jag him from time to time too. All in Good fun. But now everyone can see beauty can be made on the toilet with the x carve.

I’m gonna paint it tmw too (I’m not half assing it)


You should patent that.

If you do you’ll fall off when you sit on it.

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And don’t put your ■■■ on it. :grin:

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Actually, I think a donkey could play football better.

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but but but… you will get that Oklahoma dingle berry for you QB

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I think they are up to 24 different starts in last 10 years.

This is my next one I went to college at West Virginia

Eat sh*t Pitt


loool, thank you for making me laugh :smiley:

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Sadly, that toilet seat has a better chance of scoring than they ever could.


Just… wow.

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