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Clever Single Sign On for Easel

My school district, and many others use a single sign-on system called CLEVER to give students access to various on line tools. I am wondering if anyone on the Inventables team would be willing to explore whether our students could use CLEVER to access Easel. As it is, students set up hundreds of new Easel accounts each year which end up being abandoned at the end of the semester. I really am not sure how this would work yet, but I know it would require some action at your end. But I also think it would save time and resources for Inventables and make the X-Carve more appealing to schools.

Hey Christopher, this is a great idea. Would you mind dropping this in the feature request area of our forum to it gets on our developers radar?

Thank you Brandon, I have reposted this in the feature request forum. While I think this may require a bit of development work at the Inventables end initially, I also think it could conserve resources for Inventables in the long run and also allow you to customize features that would be of particular value to educators and students but of no interest to the non-education sector.

I use Easel as my main tool to introduce young students to the world of CAD/CAM and once school is going, they keep our two X-Carves running throughout the school day. While X-Carves are not the most powerful, high performance CNC machines available, they have the great advantage of being economical to purchase, educational to build, easy to understand, accurate and robust in use, and cheap to maintain and repair. The inevitable errors of young students that would cause extensive and expensive damage to more powerful, industrial grade machines rarely cause the machine to fail and are generally easy and instructive to repair. There is not another CNC machine on the market, whether it’s a laser cutter, 3d printer, or CNC router that is better suited to the task of teaching kids tangible math, science, design, engineering, and manufacturing lessons.

I ordered an X-Carve for my middle school classes in April of 2015 and a second one in the fall of 2017. They have been a hit from the moment we carved our first chips.