Climb versus Conventional cutting

Up until now I have not paid much attention to the direction the tool was traveling. But now that I am beginning to understand more I have noticed a big difference, If I am doing a climb cut I get a lot of tool chatter. So my question is when should climb cutting be used (I am thinking never).

Is climb better with certain bits/end mills?

Some of what I have read says that a climb cut will give a better finish, but with all the chatter I am not seeing that at all.

Does feed rate need to be adjusted based on climb vs conventional?

I think climb milling requires larger endmills (like 1/2"), and a very rigid setup.

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I always use conventional, like hand router way. Gives smother edges. Like Chris says, if you’re using larger bits or surface cleaning you may go with the climb. I think. Let see what others says.

When i cut aluminum i just do what gwizard tells me and it almost always turns out fine.