Clip art not loading

is anyone else having up loading clipart today?? never had a problem before

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Only when I turn off internet, then no design library and no apps (the Lego button)

Yes. I have been trying all day and haven’t been able to load clipart today. Have you found any solutions?

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been having the same problem today as well. cant upload any pictures using image trace.


How do we let them know? Will someone from the company be monitoring this thread?

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I just got an alert from an Inventables rep that it is an Amazon Web Hosting issue and that it should be resolved soon. Now, what soon means is open for debate. But it is being addressed.


To report any easel issues go to “help” at the top and ten troubleshooting, then in there is an option. To make a report

I submitted it a while ago though when I went back and tested it👍

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