Clipart 2d vector

looking for clipart that can be used for inlay, most 2d vector clipart that have found look like cartoons

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what type of art are you looking for?

kitchen thing fruits veggie things that could be used as inlay in cutting board, bread boxes, ect

That’s a tough one, after looking around at clip art sites and google images (inlay cutting board) I couldn’t really find anything.

yes the same here I found a lot of 3d vectors but not ready to start try my hand at that… Thanks for looking

Try this site it will convert a picture to a SVG file.
Also check out this thread Where are the online patterns?

If you search google for SVG images you can find a lot of things. If you can’t get SVG, use a bit map and trace it with Inkscape (or similar tool - VCarve has that capability but it costs $$).

I think there is a “market” for clean SVG files ready for milling and engraving…


I regularly use Inkscape to translate jpg, png, anything else to SVG. There is a command to “Trace Bitmap” that works surprisingly well in converting black/white images to BitMap, which can be saved as an SVG/EPS and imported into Easel or V-Carve.