Club logo carved on Michael's round stock

This took about 3 hours to do.
It was just a test with a craftsman 90 Degree Vbit.
Next time I will use better wood and a 30 degree Vbit.

Would like to know if anyone has suggestions about finishing.


60 degree is the way to go . Clean lines . Great looking plaque too !

Thanks for the suggestions. I will order a 60 degree V-bti.
As for my settings there were done in V-carve Desktop.
I used the vcarve tool path with a depth limit and generic 90 vbit settings. (Used a 90 Vbit as it was the only strong one I have atm)
Also slowed the rate a bit so its not plowing through the material too fast.
I altered the file to work on doing a bit of finer work and I do not remember the exact settings.

Now my next investment is a dust boot. Man I really need one. Especially with MDF.
I need to get a squirrel fan to vent too. :confused:

I use a shop vac but I have it hooked to a cyclone collector.This way it does not have to work so hard.

what is the sound level on a dust collector vs the shopvac?

I do have an industrial one but I can’t run it atm.
it takes 13amps!

PBJR great picture thanks.

It does look blurry . Maybe the bit was older or used . Not a clean cut ?

Just replaced my shopvac with a better one. (I do have a industrial dust collector but have no room atm for setting it up and it requires a lot of juice.)
This shop vac I can run for hours and it does not get hot like my old one and is a solution for now.
I also have a dust boot on the way so my ability to work with less dust will be a welcome one.

And now that I’ve used all degrees , some are a lot easier to spray paint into than others . It comes down to a time thing for myself . 45 is super simple , can be riches up with a brush . 60 a lot harder with a brush . 90 is not as easy but also depends on indoor or outdoor too .

Anyone have a link to a 45 degree bit…I’ve searched and found meager results

Some here: