Clyde@ckwood halftoner question

I’m trying to use halftoner but do not know how to set the dot spacing is there something out there with instructions thank you

Searching this forum will find a lot of relevant info on this topic.

Here is one such post from Jason himself

thank you very much for the information I also have one other question maybe you can answer I get the image how I want it in halftoner v1.7 save the g-code (I am using universal g-code USG) but it will not call up do I have to go into another program to get it to call up to run on my cnc the only programs I have are
inkscape, corel draw X8, and Dmap2 and F-Engrave I am new on he cnc and really don’t know where to go for help I watch video’s but they don’t help much
Thank you again

I dont use much software with my xcarve except easel to send the gcode to the machine. Using easel you can import the gcode and then run it from there.

Thank you for your help