CNC 3018 Pro MAX Engraving Machine

Has anyone used a Vevor CNC 3018 Pro MAX Engraving Machine with easel. what machine did you set it up as no vevor in dropdown and all my settings are off in zaxis

you would need to select the option of “other” and “other” and then enter your info…

IF a different machine (one of the xcarves) was selected before then Easel will modify the grbl settings on the CNC, including the Z calibration setting. So IF calibration of movement is off, then you can perform this procedure to get the correct settings, the process is the same whether its an Xcarve (like in the video) or a 3018. I just used this video since all of the 3018 examples out there are very hard to follow along with…

Another common issue with the 3018 is excessive lift throughout the carve, and this will cause the Z to hit the upper limit, loose steps, and then carve deeper than intended, So if this is the issue, you can change the Origin Safety and the Safety Heights (there are 2 you will want to change them both) by going to Machine>General Settings and reducing them to a distance that prevents the Z from topping out.

I hope this helps, if not please let me know, I might need some more details of the issue if this evaluation is off the mark.

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