Cnc 3018 pro

Hi! Can any help me with my cnc pro 3018. Im trying to make the limit switches and home position work, but I can’t reset the machine every time I hit the limit switches. Thank you

Need more input.

What have you done so far?
How is it configured?
Do Easel detect switch trigger?
Etc :slight_smile:

So far I already enable hard limit on the machine and responding when I test the limit switch but I’m unable to reset the machine thru the easel software and need to use candle software to reset the machine

To reset in Easel you open up Easel - Machine - Advanced - Machine Inspector (MI) and type $X in the Console-window. Keyboard shortcut to MI is CTRL+SHIFT+D

$X = Reset and clear all alarms
$H = Clear alarms and home the machine (trigger limit switch to align machine space with model space)

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Thank you Haldor,