CNC call menu navigator; Talk to a person

So this morning I had a silly idea. I’m trying to get a hold of a living, breathing human at the IRS right now. Unsuccessfully. What I’d like to do is attach a stylus pen to the gantry pointing down. Lay my phone on the wasteboard. Zero the stylus to the phone. Then run a program on my computer that sends G Code to automatically make a set of number pad selections (with appropriate delays) to do everything completely navigate the phone menu. Maybe even setting it up with a timer to run at 7am when the IRS opens. I don’t think it’d be too hard to write the G Code manually. Thoughts?


Are you going to configure it so that as soon as you get a human it does a raspberry sound, then promptly hangs up ? :smile:

I’m thinking raspberry since the XC carve doesn’t have a middle finger …


You’d be better off using an app. I think Hollywood are the only ones who routinely build complex machines to interface with other machines via a standard human interface. Unless you’re doing some particular product testing.

A new definition of robodialing!

This should be used to call all of the telemarketers back at some really inappropriate times.

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