CNC Carving a Heat Sync and Face Plate for high power LEDs

I needed a way to keep high power LEDs securely fastened to a heat sync. These things can get pretty hot so 3D printing wasn’t going to work for the long run. Simply drilling holes in the heat sync and using bolts would work but it looks pretty ugly. Milling the heat sync so I can press fit the LEDs seemed like the best option. And why not make a face plate to be extra safe and hide the delicate bits.

I’ll post a photo or two of the LEDs pressed in the heat sync at some point.

Here is a quick video that shows the face plate finished, and the heat sync being carved. I’m a bit new to CNC’s, and I’ve been playing with the many different approaches to plunging into the materiel. I’ve settled on a helix plunge … something I’m sure some of you have know for a while.



Very creative, thanks for sharing.