CNC Carving Spoons \\\ Cheap Two Sided Milling Jig Build

Interesting technique


I had not noticed until it was pointed out in the video that the rails nest and slide within itself like that. That’s a pretty clever revelation with lots of potential.


I saw his video yesterday. Wish I had that skill to do two-sided carvings.

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Would folks be interested in learning how to do more two sided projects like this?


Yes. What is your idea?

I’m not sure yet. Just trying to guage interest first.


Count me in

We posted this Easel Live that walks through flip milling

But maybe we need more like it?

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This guys made some sling shots too:


Absolutely. Especially if some sort of attachment or common jig can be made.


a bit on different alignment jigs might be a nice addition. pocket, peg, relief, etc…

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Honestly, even if there was a new feature in the apps section. might be a little complicated, but it would display both sides at once so you can get a feel for placement as well as depth issues. it could also carry over the tab details so they won’t interfere with one side of the other.

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And a 2-sided machining strategy I once bumped into and I found it really interesting so I tried my hand at it:

count me in

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Yes please

I can definitely see a use for this. I seen videos of Aspire V9 making a toy sail boat with 2 sided projects. It would open new windows of possibilities @Zach_Kaplan Count me in as well.

Me too, definitely interested!

It would be interesting to see different ways to approach milti sided milling.

Yes, yes, yes! Definitely Interested in this Zack. Thank you for helping.

Count me in