CNC Cutters suitable for the X-Carve

Hi Everyone,

I have been helped by a UK distributor, Routercutter UK, and the Whiteside Machine Company in the making of a video about some cutter sets suitable for the X-Carve.

The sets were provided free of charge by Routercutter UK in order for me to demonstrate them.

Here is the link to the video:

I do mention chipload again in the video but realise that the X-Carve is not going to outrun most of the cutters.



Nicely done, your video will answer a lot of the questions new users have about bit selection.

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Interesting and I went onto the web site thinking they’d be advertising these sets but I couldn’t find them.
I dont understand why companies go to the trouble of getting their stuff advertised in Youtube videos but then hide the product in their web site to make it difficult to buy them.


Congrats on another informative video that will sure assist us X-Carvers. Would you be a dear chap and email me the cutter spreadsheet for a go at it?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

Hi Robert,

I know that they sent the sets to me ahead of their own web site work. I am sure that it will be possible to order them by sending an email.


Hi Charles

The spreadsheet is on the way.


I also checked the US site, and the only “CNC” bits that are on the website, or in their PDF catalog, are 1/2" shank, or larger. There are both straight and spoilboard surfacing bits, in that diameter.

They have quite a few other bits available in 1/4" shank, though.

  • Alex

I can’t get on their web site at the moment (they could be updating). Just contact them and quote the Set number (either 705 or 703).


Being based in the UK, the problem with importing from the US is that the cost of carriage added to the imposition of 20% vat tends to make stuff expensive. There is also a crazy delay in getting stuff through customs.

As an example, my X controller took 4 days to cross the Atlantic and get to Heathrow. 10 days later and having paid £53 vat and £8 admin fee, I am still waiting for delivery.

It was something I was prepared to do for the X controller, I did the same for some X carve spares (although it is a source of some irritation that Robosavvy, the UK suppliers of XCarves don’t support the machines with spares ) but I am not going to suffer the cost of importing a few cutters .

Trend have a range of cutters for their CNC machine so I will have a look at them, or else revert to FleaBay for supplies.

Hi Robert,

I know about the frustration and cost of importing from the US - I had over £380 of bills when my X-Carve arrived in 4 separate consignments.

Do try and get the cutters from Routercutter UK as I am sure that it must be cheaper than importing from the US as an individual. I have been assured that they can deal with orders for these new CNC sets and so it will be worth it in the end.