CNC Experience Day Ideas?

I am trying to raise some funds and am considering offering an experience day where (for a fee) a member of the public can come and spend a day in my shop and design and build ax X-Carve based project to take away with them.

Have any of you done this or have any suggestions of projects that would fit within this scope and any price suggestions?

I was hoping to get £150 for my time and add the cost of the materials for the project.

pretty sure you need to serve champagne and caviar for that price.

going price for my buds is a case of beer and you either bring our own timber or pay cost…

I guess if these are unwashed strangers, you could charge $20-30 hours and cap the time in case they’re just unpleasant.

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Just get them to sign a disclaimer. I’d have to investigate that side of it first. I have attended woodworking classes in the past in the UK with dangerous CHISELS! I’d also probably get some sort of public liability insurance.