CNC lathe 2nd hand

I am talking to a guy that sells his CNC lathe. I noticed there isn’t much to be found in the hobby price range for lathes, in comparison to mills. But I’d like to buy one one day.
He asks 1600 euro (1820 dollar), with no intention to barter. i think it is probably worth the price, especially bc it comes with lots of accessories and some stock materials. If it is in perfect working order, which he says it does.

Still, it is a lot of money and a bit of a gamble.
What do you guys think? Are there alternatives that are worth looking into?

You’re right about there not being much in the hobby price range for CNC lathes, mills are more readily available. Adding a CNC kit to an existing lathe is about the only affordable option.
The price listed is excellent considering the tooling that comes with it.
I have the non CNC version of that lathe and it’s quite good. (Seig C6)

well i managed to shave off 100 euros, picking it up tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I suffer from G.A.S. :sweat_smile:

well its here. Now to get this 150kg beast on my attic workspace… :sweat_smile: