CNC Lathe Machine – BUYER’s GUIDE

if you already know cnc lathe (CNC turning machine), you can skip the introduction and jump right to our advice on how to choose a cnc lathe, and our list of metal lathe manufacturers.

A lathe is a machine that holds and spins a workpiece by its main spindle, while feeding a set of tools on a turret along linear axis X, Y, Z, to cut the various surfaces of the workpiece, including its inner diameters, outer diameters, end face, holes, threads, etc, corresponding to the cutting operations of turning, facing, drilling, threading. Because a lathe is rotating the workpiece to perform the cutting, it is also called a turning machine.

I want to Know More. anyone can help me./?

i have one, but found that there isn’t a community like there is for mills and lasers.
Mine is a converted one, and I think thats your best bet instead of looking for a new cnc lathe right off the bat

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