CNC Machine Collisions

I created a rectangular bowl design using Easel and their “Super Gradient Generator” tool. The bowl sidewalls are steep and I’m concerned that my collet may collide with my work piece during machining.

I’ve used Fusion 360 a little and I know that it includes a tool path simulation that checks for collisions. I haven’t found anything in Easel that will let me do this. I tried to import the SVG file that I created on Easel into Fusion 360, but it looks like it imported a 2D file and not a solid.

Are there other software packages that can check a design for machine/work piece collisions

Do you know the angle of the wall of your bowl?

One wall is 55 degrees off the horizontal and the other wall is 70 degrees.

I think I see where you’re coming from.

I can take a look at the geometry of the collet and bit and see if it will clear both of those angles.

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