CNC machine does not engrave straight

If I want to engrave a straight 1mm line from front to back, the line disappears from the middle of my plate. I’ve checked my countertop with the spirit level, but it’s level. Any ideas, where is my mistake?

I´m using the Genmitsu PROVerXL 3040.


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it could your waste board or your stock material is not parallel. @SethCNC posted this image once or twice before.


Hey Arne, unfortunately “Level” doesn’t actually matter in the CNC realm. It’s a commonly mis-used term, instead the factor that matters is parallel and perpendicular planes, but in this case getting the workpiece to be parallel to the spindle plane is the fix. . .

Now Ken’s right that surfacing the WasteBoard and the Workpiece really are the most accurate method to achieve parallel planes.

However here’s another trick that I sometimes employ for certain projects. . . You can do this sort of probe and shim to see how far off the wasteboard and or workpiece is before doing any surfacing just as a reference for you to see how far out of parallel it is.


Thanks guys, that helps me a lot. I’ll try it and answer you. :slightly_smiling_face: