CNC Machine of the Future? No Aluminum Extrusion!

Does anyone here have more information about this? It’s called Shaper Origin.

I watched the video below and fell in love with this machine (fast forward to 3:21). It’s pretty amazing.

The possibilities are really endless for something like this. Keep in mind that this is in beta, but I bet once it’s perfected it will be a remarkable tool to own. Wonder what it will cost?

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Think think it’s a pretty sweet idea and could be a pretty useful tool (as long as its not cost prohibitive). There are quite a few Debbie Downers on this topic though.

Thanks for the links Rusty :thumbsup:

Not worried about the Debbie Downers. People originally didn’t like cars either.

They scared the horses :grinning:

Depending on the cost, I will most likely buy one of these in a heart beat. Gotta love technology.

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Seems like I first saw that a long time ago.

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You did,

It still has not shipped. But they say they are close to taking preorders.

They posted a lot of new videos on youtube this past week. I’m betting they launch in September.