CNC of a Hand Sketch?

I am looking for a way to take manual sketching using a dark marker on lighter wood or paper, I would just like to route out the ‘dark parts’.

Initially I have thought of taking the Tormach software (an extension for Mach3) or a picture and process sit with LinuxCNC to generate a path.

But being able to use an X-CARVE with a camera mounted as a spindle, then be able to cut any marked up area with a spindle would be great!

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Use a scanner and save the file as a .jpg. Then convert the .jpg to a .svg. import the .svg into Easel and have at it.

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So I am a little confused do you want to

digitize an image
convert a hand drawn sketch in toolpaths that the machine can cut?

let me know

I will give this a try. … Thanks.

when converting a hand drawn image to svg

I like to scan the image into the computer and then go over to a website called and convert it

make sure that you scan your image in at a decent dpi and the scanner bed is clean from dust

You can also just take a picture of it on your phone and then send it to Bit easier if you don’t have a scanner.