CNC Pen Holder for X-Carve

Looking to improve Pen Holder prototype design and have available for others (especially schools) to use to learn about CNC machines without having a spinning bit around children. Here is my first attempt last summer:
Prototype Pen Holder

Would probably be better in aluminum but I have no experience milling aluminum. I’m sure the design would need to be adapted for aluminum and would not need to be as bulky as this wood prototype.

This essentially turns the X-Carve into a plotter. There are many projects that schools could use to make signs while learning about CNC programming in a low risk environment.

Tom Grissom


Aluminum is relatively easy. It’s more time and babysitting with lube (wd-40 or similar) than anything. You should totally try it with some aluminum! It’s definitely worth a shot.

Easel’s aluminum settings will work for most any bit, although in some cases you can easily go faster. They are pretty conservative settings though. just use lube!

Looking at it now, it looks like you have the stock spindle. I only have experience with the dewalt.

Love your idea, Keep it up!