CNC Pendant

Today, I discovered why a pendant can be very useful when setting up to carve. What type pendants are you folks using?

I made my own :slight_smile:


I purchased the X-Pendant. And I couldn’t agree more, very useful.

X-Pendant v2

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Sort of reminds me of an old pay phone if anyone knows what that is.


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That one looks interesting.

I like this… I currently use VTransfer from Vectric to manipulate my XCarve… Will the pendant work with VTransfer?

Isn’t this for Mach3, and not grbl?

Right now I am using VTransfer as a gcode sender. I am not sure I am ready something sophisticated as Mach3.

yes, thanks for adding that not unimportant piece of info :sweat_smile:

It is Mach3 only and another good reason to do that upgrade :sunglasses: