CNC Projects

Looking for a good place/website or software to find plans already made of things to build that I can download into Easel.

Outside of here right? Because the site has tons of items to just open right into easel.

Yeah I was looking to see what was available outside of here.

What types of things are you looking for?

You can go to Thingiverse and look there. I know most people think of Thingiverse as a place to get files for 3D Printers. This is true, but they also have files for CNC and laser. I put my 3D CNC projects there because they are beyond Easel and require something like Vectric to actually cut them.

Daniel Gross has designs there
Albert Karlen has designs there
My designs are here

There are also many laser projects on Thingiverse where the X carve could probably cut the shapes out. These include a lot of the plywood dinosaur plans.