Cnc stops before finished

i have been using easel for about 2 yrs now and within the past few weeks iv been having troubles with easel stopping randomly without finishing the carve/cut. i tryed useing both chrome and luck.Ive also updated the drivers. again no luck.if anyone has a similar problem and solution PLEASE help.

Checked the brushed on your Dewalt?
These wear out after 150-200hrs at speed 1.

Replacement brushes can be bought on Amazon.
Youtube have videos showing how2 :slight_smile:

You are saying brushes that are worn down will stop the machine (CNC) from carving?

If they wear down they will spark a lot more and cause increase/spikes in EMI/RF noise which will affect the USB-connection between the PC and controller. If this is interrupted cnc will stop before it is finished. Wintertime in may areas also = dryer air which create greater chance of static issues (static electricity)