CNC3018 PRO Alarm & machine axes issue

Greetings to All,
While carving hard wood (the machine was set with a too high feed rate so experienced hard resistance) z coordinates were going outside commanded range, deeper than expected, thus further resistance to x/y movements.
All happened very quickly and power was removed by me as protection act.

Now the machine is in Alarm mode, and - very strangely - x,y,z axis and spindle stepper motors work ONLY if the machine related axis is in the NEGATIVE range, and after a soft reset As soon as 0 is reached (whichever variable) Alarm appears again, machine looks dead.

Hard reset won’t work in any scenario.
Furmware upload won’t work (it starts uploading then freezes, for any combination of firmware and usb communication settings).

It’s clear that under stress steps are loose and working coordinates messed up, but machine coordinates shouldn’t.
I repeat only if machine coordinates are negative cnc can be “used”…
It is as a simple (sign) bit has been changed in the EEPROM.

Any suggestion?

With soft limits enabled, the macine will alarm when negative machine coordinates are achieved.

Is it both x and y that are negative? Do manual controls operate correctly? Ecample: X left button moves the spindle left, and y forward moves the bed backwards, correct?
If these are nor correct then the $3 setting needs to be corrected, most likely more of the grbl settings are also incorrect and itd help if you could get all of the current grbl setting values.


  1. Before this issue all was working nominally.

To answer your question:
X, Y and Z shall be negative now in order to operate any step motor and the spindle one. If I try to reestablish positive ranges for coordinates, Nothing moves, I get Alarm state. It is UPSIDE DOWN!

I would post a video if here was allowed but I just joined and not aware so far.

If I make a soft reset and all machine coordinates are negative then Homing drives the Z axis at about 1mm/s down towards even more negative z coordinate.

The Offline Controller - that always worked perfectly - now can’t do anything, like dead too.

On another topic, Firmware cannot be updated and this makes me think really bad.

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