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CNC4 Newbies Complete?

Hey everyone,

So to be short, Bought an Xcarve love working with it. Started upgrading it, the projects on here and such.

Now i want to really upgrade it. Is there anything better then the CNC4newbies complete upgrade? I know its basically a whole new machine but im ok with that. The other option would be getting the belt upgrade from here, then get the Z axis and risers from CNC4newbies. Any input would be great. Not sure what the best spindle woul dbe either, i have used nothing other then the Dewalt611 on it,

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I have a cnc4 newbies z axis with the round rods as opposed to the square rods. I also have the 9mm belts and pulleys, risers and stiffeners. It’s a much better machine now. I’d be tempted to get the lead screws too, as I find my other machine ( an older K2) is a hair more accurate with them. I’m still using the Dewalt trimmer.

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I purchased the Ultimate Upgrade a year ago and i haven’t had any problems, it cuts good. I started out using the DeWalt router but once I decided to sell the XCarve I stuck the DeWalt back on and bought a spindle. I do like the spindle because now I can run 1/2” bits. I also removed the wasteboard to put it back on the Xcarve and I added a 1/4” piece of aluminum. Then put MDF strips on top.


What spindle are you using? Do you like it?

Its a 2.2kw 110 volt water cooled spindle, the VFD is Huanyang but I’m not sure of the spindle brand. Yes I like it. I purchased the spindle from build your CNC. He will set the parameters and wire everything up.

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