Cnc4newbie and y- plate suggestions?

Hi guys I had a few question about the cnc4newbie in conjunction with the Y-axis plates. For those of you that have both upgrades I was wondering if there was an optimal height to raise the Y- Plates from stock.
In other words I don’t want to raise it to tall and then have to use long bit to cut at deck level, on the other hand i want to take advantage whatever z height I can out of it. Obviously there are other factors involved like mounting positions, waste board and such, but is there a sweet spot in there on a general scale or is there enough adjustabilty that its doesn’t matter?

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Are you cutting your own again? When I cut mine I added 3” of lift. But I still have the microcarve Z. I plan to buy the 8” Z when I finally go newbie. I remember the monster plates you cut before. Did you end up useing them?

no, i didn’t and still have them, yeah cutting my own but i think i am just going to have to wait untill i get everything in the mail and mock it up, just ordered all kinds of stuff and wanted to get a jump start before stuff started arriving.

Upgrade bug got ahold of you huh. Please trouble me with your tale lol. What are you going to do?

yep servos, controller (phills), belts, x rail, z-axis, spindle, and some more extrusion to beef it all up, and a bunch of knick-knacks, little bit of a bug lol.

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Save yourself time with the plates and belts and buy the screw drive kit from @Phantomm. it’s the best.

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Simply put, your going to want twice the z travel of your clearance. That way when you do need to do a larger carve you can use really long bits (the size of your clearance) and reach the bottom of the carve. If you lift 2" u will have 4" clearance and you will want 8" travel optimal.
Z First as the weakest link.
Y supports are important for rigidity.
Then Belt upgrade.
Then lift once you have the backbone. Dont lift the y, Lift the x. Lifting the y does not leave you with much in the way of simple y support. But Lifting the X does and you can get some extra travel out of it too.

You should design a set for the wide MS. I have them on my Y and did my raise there. It’s very solid.

Well wish I would have known phantom had those, I already ordered everything for 9mm belting but will surely keep in mind for the future.
I have a complete design I want to go with made up in solidworks for for using the 1 piece x-rails for y axis with a secondary plate, and also a new x plate incorporating dual x-rails for more strength since I’m going with the bigger Hitachi router.

But at this point I can’t afford everything I want to do lol. So at this point I am just doing upgrades that will more then likely stay on it after the redesign.

@Phantomm. Thanks for that info, that is exactly what I wanted. I tried getting that info months ago just didn’t word it the same and got nothing I needed from it haha, so thanks, I appreciate it.