CNC4Newbies Z and Triquetra plates - Z height / material height questions

Ok, after spending hours searching I’ve not really found a definitive answer.
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What is the factory Z useable material height? Specs state 65mm or 2.55" is that from bottom of 611 collet to top of wasteboard? Which then means it is actually 2.55" minus length of bit from bottom of collet, so 1" bit height(exposed) = 1.55" material height, yes?

The CNC4Newbies Z 5/6" model, which I have(nothing assembled yet), does that gain me some Z height over factory?
Specs simply state 6" of travel, but without a reference on what stock travel is I’m unclear. What is the height of the bottom of the gantry on a stock machine? Does that come into play for material height?

IF I were to get the Triquetra Y plates, I increase obviously 1 or 2" height in addition to what the CNC4Newbies Z may or may not increase?

Any issues with rigidity with the higher Y plates? In searching it appears it’s not a concern at all, due to strength of the plates, but logic tells me it could introduce flex? Or not possible with those thick plates? 1000m machine current shipping model yet unassembled.

When using lifted Y plates, isn’t it structurally superior to have the sides resting down on the rail/frame instead of a gap between? I see people mainly put in a sideboard that “floats” and has room underneath.

I intend on doing a fair amount of thinner stock for some projects so I don’t want to have to use secondary or even tertiary wasteboards for the bit to reach if I don’t have to, but if I have to, I will.

Thoughts? Experiences? Recommendations?


I have all of the above, I can’t comment on where the measurement for stock is based on, but between the linear Z in 6" mode (lower set of screws) and the Y axis triquetra plates, I have 4.5" between the bottom of my X carriage and the waste board.

In the lowest position, the collet on the 611 is 4.5cm from the waste board.

Your standing at sort of a crossroads. Are you going to only work with thin materials or do you plan on doing thicker things as well. If thicker then maybe raising up is a good idea. If your mainly going to work on thinner materials then why do you need to raise it? Just utilize the extra rigidity from the newbie z and add some y rail support.

Yeah, I have a fixture made out of 3/4 MDF with a 1/8" pocket that both raises the material and secures it with wedges at top and side.

Which 8" Z did you get, also from cncNewbie or elsewhere?

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evening guys,

I am gearing up to buy the CNC4Newbie Z-axis… my first true upgrade to my machine. How much more height will this put on my overall machine. Is it worth it? How difficult are we looking at installing it?



Depends on what size Z! You generally want twice the travel of your clearance so you can use longer bits for deeper carves or else whats the point of all the extra clearance?