Cncj’s won’t come out of pause

Has anyone been having problems when pausing Cncj’s for the evening that it will not start again in the morning. It’s as if it still stuck in pause. And the pause button is the only button can be clicked on however it does nothing.

Can you try reloading?

Yes. I am going to try that, it’s a long running 3D project and that is so distracting. Do you happen to know Neil if they have ever designed anything to help bring the machine back into position after a failure on a long project ?


I have not heard of a grbl sender that can do that.
You know where you paused it? The last line you sent?

Hey Neil;
Is there a simple way to down load cncj’s.
I remember going through this initially and it was not easy. And it’s not looking any easier this time either.

Wes b

What kind of computer are you running it on?

Windows based desk top.

Just choose the correct EXE file from here:

Thank you Neil. I got it. It sure isn’t self explainable.


Hi Neil.
So I uninstalled cncj’s and reinstalled it and started the project again. I just paused it for a second and tried to un pause it and it’s frozen again. Any ideas.


Also I’m just now noticing the graphics are not where the actual work is being done so it stalled some time ago but kept the program running perfectly.