Coasters - Hawaiian style

Finished my 6 coaster set. Still thinking on what to use for finish. Stain, natural? Maybe clear resin to fill design inlay and still leave lip. Hummmm


It’s remarkable. Is that the maple you’re using?

Beautiful, nice and clean looking.

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It’s just plain ole pine Alan. Never seen any maple here in Hawaii. I usually work with local (Hawaii) hardwoods like Koa, Monkeypod, Mango etc. but this was only practice so used some pine that I had in the shop.

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Cuts looks very clean, didn’t even think it’s pine.

Very nice, I would go with semi transparent colored resin, or even better glow in the dark colored resin in the shapes then clear coat the rest.

Yes, they are very clean cuts. I will probably never ever use any thing but a down spiral cut bit again. Makes all the difference in the world. Cut with 1/32 down , 2 fluke @ 30 doc, 80 ipm with Dewalt set at 4. Don’t know if that is optimum settings. Does that seem about right to you? Still trying to figure all that out.


Glow in the dark resin…YES. Didn’t think about that one. Good call!

For pine, I usually have my dewalt set at speed 3. But if 4 works for you, go with it.

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hi , i would like to ask you about the name of the material , nice job , yes you can start with stan.

As I mentioned before, the wood is just plain old Pine as this was a practice and test job. My next set will be made using either Koa or Monkeypod hardwoods.

how about a contrasting wood for inlays? It would be difficulty to sand but if you took the time I bet it would look great. just a thought.

Looks Great

That would look great, but way too much work for just a coaster that you would get covered up with a drink glass. (or beer can)

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