Coasters in bulk!

messing around making some coasters I think they are turning out pretty good I really hate when you cut just a little bit into plywood you get this discoloration does anyone know of a plywood that doesn’t do this? the only thing that i have found is revolution ply from lowes but it had a red primer applied to it from the factory I wish that i could get it without the primer

only problem with using .125" material is the amount of holes you have to put in it to get it flat lol thank god for the inventables wasteboard I almost ran out of bolts at the house

I hope to color the images in the the coasters and then seal them with a spray poly

and then cut circles of .125" cork to glue to the bottom

the wood is .125" mahogany plywood I am not sure that i like it but its only 14 bucks for a 4x8 sheet from my local wood supplier

let em know what you think really the hardest part of this project was laying everything out in easel including all the bolt holes

does anyone know how i can color the images in the coasters?

my original plan was to just spray paint them and then sand off the paint on the top face of the coaster letting the color stick in the image but the veneer is so thin on the plywood that when i sand the paint off the veneer also comes completely off and there is no wood grain pattern in the middle layers of the plywood

I am looking for any suggestion please let me know thanks

Before you cut the coaster (ya I know), if you spray or brush a few coats of lacquer on the wood after it is dry and sanded smooth you can cut the designs. They you can wipe a stain over the coaster and it will wipe clean off the areas that are not cut (protected by the laquer). They you can apply a clear coat of poly over the entire coaster.

hmm i will try that do you think that it will work with spray paint? will it wipe of the laquer?

I have used spray paint before, you just need to be fast to wipe it off before it drys, I would do a test on a scrap piece of wood first with the spray paint you would use to be sure. You may need an extra coat of lacquer also.

Hi! I know this post is almost 2 years old but I just got my X-carve and am planning to make quite a few coasters as gifts. Did you end up trying the lacquer coat first? If so how did it turn out? Thanks in advance for any info!