Coin guitar pick

A friend wanted a guitar pick made from a dollar coin.


Thats pretty sweet man

so question now I am all for using the x-carve for everything I have even been known to cross cut wood with my X-carve because I am to lazy to take it 5 ft to my table saw but wouldn’t the project have been over in about 5 min if the coin was taken to the bench grinder and ground to that profile?

I saw that you only cut about half the coin on the x-carve and then got the rest of the profile with a file and then polished it away to a good finish

I am curious how did the X-carve help in this project?

I am just curious I am not putting down the project or the video at all i like it

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Well sometimes i take the Rube Goldberg approach to things just to make a long day more interesting. I know it was kinda pointless. Just using a different tool to get the same result. Also i wanted to use a 50 cent piece witch the design fit on but my friend wanted it on the dollar coin. And laziness played a big part it’s like a 25 foot walk to the grinder i don’t have the time in my day to plan for a trip of that extent on my day off from work.

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