Collet adapter doesnt fit dewalt d26204 (too small)

So, got is all together and want to carve my first “project”
But I find that the 1/4 to 1/8 inch collet adapter wont fit in my dewalt d26204 router…im confused.
The adapter Size is correct 6,35 mm the dewalt should take 6 to 8 mm bits… I tried turning it both ways but its still loose when the nut is all the way tightend What am I missing here?

Thanks for the info,
Never heard of elaire, I Will have to buy a 8 to 6 mm adapter? Or a 6 mm collet set?
I Will look at that next. I was Just wondering how the manual says it will take 8 to 6 mm bits and it will not take a 6.35mm

Ok, I cannot find the solution .
The standard collet/nut are attached to each other So I cannot change the collet for a smaller Size. …
I looked for replacement collet/nut sets but cannot find out what will fit my dewalt d26204 router.
Any one here who can help me out?

Im in Europe (Holland ) I have searched for the elaire but it doesnt seem to be fitting for European models.
I Just found a post from @KatrienVanPut with a link to an website who is selling fitting parts…finally. …will.order them asap .

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Glad to have helped, Richard! It’s like PhilJohnson says, imperial and metric aren’t interchangeable, it seems to fit but just hairline too big or too small.
I’ve also bought the precision grade collet kit from precise Cost a lot to ship to europe but totally worth it! ( ).
Good luck!

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Nice!, I Am very New to the xcarve machine. And glad to make the first cuts as soon as I get the 6mm collet set.
I really need the 4mm and the 3.175mm collets as well…you dont happen to know any webshop in Europe who is selling those as well?

So it seems like I’m having the exact same problem here as Richard, but I can’t square in my head that Inventables would send out a router that they know isn’t compatible out of the box with their bits. I have the Dewalt D26200 and the bits I ordered won’t fit in. The metal body of the bit is too small for the mechanism to grip and the plastic adapter connected to it is too big. . What am I getting wrong?


I think the plastic “adapter” you mention might actually be a depth stop so one does not insert the bit too deeply into the collet. I usually remove them. Using plastic in the clamping action of a collet would not work to well as it is rather malleable and if heat is added to the equation, that is even worse .