Collet Question

Will a 1/4 inch collet correctly hold a 6mm shank? It seems that all the V-bits I am finding on EBay have a 6mm shank.

Also, what is the max diameter shank that will fit in the 24V spindle (with appropriate collet)?

You should get a 6mm collet if possible. You can damage the collet if you use the wrong size. The collet is a standard ER11.

The largest ER11 collet I have seen is 7mm.

Thank you BartDring, I will order a 6mm collet, they are very cheap on Ebay.

That was an ER11 collet that I purchased for the original quiet spindle. The Dewalt will not accept an ER11 type collet unfortunately. But you can purchase a 6mm collet for the Dewalt from Elaire

I have the 6mm, 4mm and 1/8" elaire collets…they are great.

Yes, I ordered three at once to help make it look like a better deal