Combine Adds, But Can It Subtract with Combine?

I have now tried getting this right for over four hours. Even built this in Inkscape but couldn’t get anything to come over to Easel. :confused:

Here is my file:

I can combine to add shapes to things. I even figured out how to subtract some. Not sure why I can’t get these shapes to combine into one without all going to one large piece to fill. I’d like those ‘9’-shaped holes to be a continual line with the outside. I’m setting some depths to ‘0’…but if I leave it like that it wants to tab every cut. And tools paths (since it’s seen as individual items) makes the cut over 2 1/2 hours. This should be a 30-minute cut tops.

Here’s one I made…looks good. But look at those tool paths. 1 1/2 hour cut. How do I make it one continual cut?

Not getting why I can’t do it. Thank you in advance for your help.

You need to make the shape you want to cut out first. Make it at some arbitrary depth like this…

Step 1 - Circle & Rectangle
Step 1

Step 2 - Highlight both and hit combine
Step 2

Step 3 - Move aside…copy/ paste for however many of them you want
- Make your body…here I just have a box at zero depth, but you will need to give it a little depth of cut shortly
Step 3

Step 4 - Bring your “cutouts” to the front - “Bring to Front”
Step 4

Step 5 - Place your copied “cutouts” wherever you desire, change them to zero depth of cut, and give your surface (in my case the box shown earlier) a slight depth of cut; doesn’t matter how much - just not completely through.
Step 5

Step 6 - Select everything and then combine.
Step 6

Step 7 - Change to Outline Cut of your choice and then change to entire depth of material.

I hope this help with the process…


Brandon R. Parker

Wow. That was TOO EASY after seeing your explanation. THANK YOU!

Worked perfectly.

No problem; glad to be of help. Let us know how the end result comes out.


Brandon R. Parker

Hey Brandon…thank you for your help!! Here is the finished product finally!

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If you were to use that file and build it, certainly don’t make the holes as close together as I did. A couple of pieces fell off whilst rounding them over on the router.

Looks great!!

We all have little learning experiences. Lately mine has been in aluminum… :frowning:

Brandon R. Parker

I found another perfect way for an exact corner round.
May be a few extra steps but it works in Easel.