Combine Command no longer works correctly

When I want to combine 2 images into one image, I used to highlight both images and click edit, combine. It now totally deletes one image and doesn’t combine the 2 images at all.

Is this a known bug?


Hi Kendra, can you share the project just prior to selecting both and combining?

Go to project>share and change it to unlisted and copy that link & podt here please

Thank you!

Here is the link to the project you requested.

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Perfect, for parts that are one on top of the other youd need to layer then and alter the depths.

Select the small circle, righr click and select bring to front.
Then in the shape tab set the depth to 0 depth.
Then select both shapes and combine.
Then set the resulting priduct to the cut type of “outside the path”
Good to go? :+1:

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Wow! That used to not be that complicated - thank you for the info…it worked perfectly!
Thank you for your help SethCNC!

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