Combine function doesn't work properly

Was just fooling around in Easel to make a Diresta-inspired pushstick. Looks ok, but now that I have the whole thing put together, I can’t select all of the different parts and combine them. When I do, it converts everything within the outlines of the entire object into a big pocket cut. Essentially a big hole. This means I can’t select an entire pushstick and mirror it around an axes to layout several at a time.

Expected behavior would be that I can select several objects of various cut types and use “Combine” to group them all together into a single multi-part object.

select your outline and then select edit and move to back

That changes the layer ordering I assume?

yes, if you have your main outline on the top layer when you combine it automatically makes is a pocket. I do hope they make it one day that when you combine that it just combines and doesn’t make everything equal depths and what not.

In terms of an SVG, the operation you’re describing is called “group” not combine. Combine operations connect separate vectors into a single vector, which is exactly what you’re getting.

If all you are wanting to do is copy and paste? when I need that I just use the mouse to select the area with what I want copied then when I have what I want selected I click the menu on top “edit” choose copy then re-click “edit” choose paste. no need to combine group etc.

Combine doesn’t group things together, it physically adds them together to make one shape.

For example, if I drew 2 circles that overlapped slightly, and ran “Combine” on them, I’d end up with 1 shape that resembles a peanut.

What you can do is select everything except the outline and run “Combine” on them, and that will give you 1 selectable item that’s comprised of all your interior shapes. It might at least save you some time for mirroring and duplication.
The caveat to this however is that you can’t undo it later.