Combining 2 objects

I am attempting one of my first carving. I have downloaded the SVG file. Now one of the objects is not connected to the first item. I understand if I highlight everything it does a combine. But I do not want to combine all items just this one. Kinda like molding or welding the 2 together so it will carve around that item and not leave it off. Any suggestions?

Hello Jim and welcome to the forum,
If you select one object and then while holding the shift key you can select another object, then you can combine the two objects. If you’re having trouble can you share the file and someone will look at it and help you out.
Go To File, Share, Share With Link, highlight the link and copy the link. Make sure you hit save when you’re done. Then paste the link in your reply
Good Luck

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Russell, thank you the reply. Not sure what I am doing incorrectly but I am not able to combine the periscope to the sub. I want to cut out the outside and it all connect together. So I will have one piece to set on a desk. I tried what you suggested but could not make it work.

Just take the periscope down to touch the other line and highlight everything and combine.

I did what Wayne suggested and moved the periscope down so it touches the sub. Then I combined the 2 objects. Now since you want to cut it out I had to use the Shape Xploder app to make the sub one line. I changed the bit to 1/8".


I wanted to thank you both for the help. I was able to carve what I wanted. Thank you