Combining designs from different accounts

I am wondering if it is possible to combine designs from different files. I am using Easel with my middle school students and they are designing small 4"x 4" acrylic lenses for LED signs. Given the number of students I have, it would be much more effective on time if I could have students design separate individual files, and then combine them into groups of 4 for milling. Ideas?

The easiest way would be to have the students export the svg and send it to you. You would then import the designs into your workpieces and space them out accordingly.

Things to check: make sure all your students have their material thickness setup correctly prior to export. This determines the shade of the svg when exported.

Thanks, that is a good idea.

Am I able to export an easel file as an SVG? I’d like to have students do their designing on easel as well.
Thanks for your help.

Yes, under File > Download Zip. In the zip file you fill find a design.svg for each workpiece.

Thanks Ethan, you’ve been a big help.

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