Combining letter ornament

hi everyone. Just having a little trouble trying to make a Pennsylvania railroad and just wondering how I’d fix this so it looks fluid when I perform outline. I’ve been working on this and wondering if headed in the right direction. When I click on outline it seperates.

heres the original idea

The project has not been shared.
So no one can see it.

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my bad

should work now

I am working on it now. I will explain it with some screenshots.

Is this what your after?
I have a 1/8 bit set in the project.
for small stuff you will need a smaller bit. 1/16 or 1/32
Its also a bit bigger than what you had in yours.

  1. I imported the graphic via the bitmap import.
  2. I then cut out the areas I didn’t want using white shapes and combine. The white shapes must be brought to front so they cover the part you want to remove.
  3. I then used black shapes to put the lines in so its continuous
    Now All that is left is to figure out where you want to add bits to keep it together or you can set heights in between.

I would have made it so you can cut most of it deep cept the parts you want to look more raised than the rest.
Like the prominent letters where they are drawn on top.

I was planning on like he said actually 2 stage carve with 1/8 then a smaller bit. You thinking f-engrave the symbol with v-bits?

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Thanks @StephenCook. I’m gonna follow your directions with my picture and see if I can recreate what you performed

So I tried the v carve on aspire and created a g code and turned out beautiful. I went to recreate the tool path with v carving and it says my max tool depth is deeper than material or when calculating it just goes back and forth and never fully loads. My material is .205 inches thick.
I truly don’t know what I did wrong.

But was able to do it with a 90 degree bit no issues at all.

Just weird thought I was finally having a “breakthrough” moment

DAMMMNNNIIITTT!!! Solved it. My image was way too big for a 20 degree v bit. Here it is when my image is very small

Well I have everything set now, but the v carve does the work above the surface. My g code is basically carving air.

Anyway this is an easy fix?

Do you mind posting or sending me the file and I can take a look at it? Save it as a v-carve file please.

Your vbit diameter is wrong Look at “D”
the diameter is the width of its blades widest part. Look at the picture.
I doubt that D is = to .01mm That would be some bit… I do not think its possible to have a .01mm diameter at 20° !
I did this also and it caused me a lot of grief.
Phil I am surprised you did not catch this. hehe You are doing more v carving than me.

This is what I meant about the D on the V-bit parameters.
On the Vcarve parameters they do not specify the tip size. Only the outer edge of the blades. See the second image. I am measuring it. Its 12.59mm wide. Thats much larger than the .01mm of the tip.
Only the V-bits are done this way. End mills are tip diameter based.
This is so the system will know how far it can plunge and still keep within the vectors.

Your welcome. I made that same mistake for months.
It wasn’t till I had looked at the graphic that I noticed it was different than end mills.

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